Voice-Over Credits
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Theatrical Credits
Anime Series:

I, My, Me! Strawberry Eggs!                    LuLu / Co-Star                            Pioneer Animation / Yuji Yamaguchi
Mermaid Forest                                       Various Guest Star                    Geneon Ent. / Masahara Okuwaki
Mousou dairinin                                       Recurring Co-Star                     Geneon Ent. / Samtoshi Kon
Requiem From the Darkness               Old Woman / Guest Star          Geneon Ent. / Hideki Tonokatsu
Read Or Die: The TV                               Grandma / Guest Star               Sony Music Ent. / Kauji Masunari
DearS                                                         Recurring Guest - Co-Star       Pioneer Animation / Liam O'Brien
Girls Bravo                                                 Various / Supporting                 New Generation Pics. / Patrick Seitz
Romancing Saga                                     Various Guest Star                    New Generation Pics. / Jonathan Klein
Rumiko Takahashi Anthology                Various Co-Star                         Geneon Ent. / Akira Nishimori

Audio / CD:

Hearts On Fire                                     Multiple Lead Characters          Donner Bros Prods / Jack Donner


Theatre On Air (98.3 FM, series)             Recurring Guest Star               ARN Broadcasting / Various Directors


The Killing Game (feature film)              Various / Supporting                City Lights Prods / Joseph Murhi


Sand: Running out of time                             Narrator                            Orange Unified School District
Jody as LuLu, the landlord in the Anime' series: "I, My, Me...Strawberry Eggs"

.Jody as Old Woman in "Mermaid Does Not Smile"
Rumiko Takahashi Anthorlogy

"I, My, Me...Strawberry Eggs" some clips from Episode #1 of 13 in the series
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